Friday, October 26, 2012

Start of an Adventure!

So at the moment it's 8:00am, which is the time I usually take my bus to school on weekdays. Difference today is I'm not on my bus, I'm on a plane towards London! I've barely had breakfast, just around 5 hours sleep and I'm excited out of my mind! I've downloaded an app that tells me all bout different sites, caf├ęs and markets which I've been studying for the past hour. There is so much to see, and I can't wait to go explore! I've brought my camera and invited one of my best friends to come with me who is also very interested in photography, so we are going to take an tons of pictures!
Gonna post during my whole trip, but only when I have Wifi so not 100% sure if it will be often.

Kissses xx

Here are some of the places I've already decided I want to check out!

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